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'Ted Lasso' cast say show creators always had an ending in mind

Cast members from the Apple TV+ hit "Ted Lasso" comedy talk about their characters' journey, and how well-planned out the show is.

As "Ted Lasso" continues filming its final season, and continues boosting London tourism, there remain rumors it may yet keep going. In a new interview, however, major members of the cast say the writers have always been built to tell a beginning, middle, and end in three seasons.

"They're so clever at that," Nick Mohammed recently told Deadline about his character, Nate. "It's not just Nate: they've done it for Sam, Roy and Keeley — for Jamie and his redemption, as well. They were plotting from the off."

"I knew from very early on [what would happen with Nate]," he continued. "We were filming the gala episode of Season 1 — and this is before Seasons 2 and 3 had been commissioned."

"I remember sitting next to Jason [Sudeikis, co-creator] for a lot of that filming," said Mohammed. "And he said: 'Oh, just so you know, the outline for this, if we get picked up, this is effectively the three-season arc for Nate,' and he was very clear about Season 2 being like the 'The Empire Strikes Back' [for Nate]."

Hannah Waddingham, who plays Rebecca Welton, agrees that at least the major moments were planned early on. But that doesn't mean the cast get told everything — especially concerning the ending of the show.

"I think they probably don't tell us because we'll all probably be a sobbing mess," she told Deadline. "And I'm not even entirely sure if they know yet."

"And I do know for one thing that Jason has always maintained that he had in his head: a beginning, a middle and an end," she continued. "Which means: this is the end, if we're going by that."

"Which, I can't quite think about," says Waddingham, "because I'd quite happily play Rebecca with her teeth falling out."

The first and second seasons of "Ted Lasso" are streaming now.