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Best iPad travel accessories for summer 2022

The iPad's compact form factor makes it ideal to be taken with the user anywhere. Here are some fantastic accessories to make on-the-go use that much better.

From the utilitarian keyboard-and-mouse setups, to the best power accessories to prolong productivity sessions, these are some of the best travel accessories for iPad.

Apple Magic Keyboard

Incorporating a keyboard and trackpad into a floating design, the Apple Magic Keyboard helps combine the portability of the iPad with a laptop-like utility.

Featuring an additional USB-C port for power on the hinge, it frees up the lone USB-C port on the iPad for external accessories like a flash drive. Its folding clamshell design protects the keyboard and display like a laptop would, while the heavy-duty hinge keeps the thin edge from bumps.

The split cantilever-style design allows the user to freely rotate the angle of the iPad for an optimal viewing angle, while the Smart Connector handles power and data so the iPad can power the keyboard without extra battery cells.

It's compatible with iPad Air and iPad Pro.

Both 11- and 12.9-inch models of the Apple Magic Keyboard is available starting at $299.99 from Amazon.

Logitech Combo Touch

Featuring a soft-touch design, the Combo Touch provides the best features of the Magic Keyboard with the flexibility users prefer on-the-go.

Utilizing the Smart Connector, it handles power and data to and from the built-in keyboard and trackpad without extra connectivity or charging. The keyboard and trackpad can be detached from the main folding stand to allow the user a better movie-watching experience.

The extra function keys on the keyboard handling common iPadOS functions will also be appreciated by users.

Models are available for the iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro.

All models of the Logitech Combo Touch is available starting at $149.99 from Amazon.

Apple Smart Folio

Protecting the display, back, and side of the iPad, the Smart Folio keeps the body free from scratches all while leaving space to attach the Apple Pencil.

It is available in a variety of colors and compatible with iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. The microfiber lining keeps the display clean, while opening the cover automatically wakes the iPad from sleep.

The folio can also be folded to create a stand for video-watching, or for a better touch keyboard typing experience.

It is available starting at $59 from Amazon in a variety of colors, with models compatible with many different models of iPad.

Anker 40W Nano Pro Charger

The compact charger is a must-have for travel for its lightweight and small form factor.

The 40W charger features two high-power ports that allow two simultaneous devices to be charged at full-speed. This allows an accompanying device to be juiced from the same adapter. As it supplies 20W to both ports when two devices are plugged in, both the iPad and iPhone can be fast-charged at the same time.

This charger can even deliver power to select laptops like the MacBook Air.

The Anker Nano Pro charger is available for $35.19 from Amazon.

Samsung T7 SSD

The small yet reliable solid-state drive fits easily into any bag for travel, while storing a large amount of data.

Samsung's latest external SSD solution comes with both USB-A and USB-C cables, allowing the user to plug the drive into iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro without the use of an adapter or extra drivers.

The compatibility of the Files app with macOS file formats means that the power user can take their important projects with them on-the-road and resume work without skipping a beat, all with incredible read-write speeds.

The Samsung T7 SSD is available in a variety of storage sizes, starting at $77.99 from Amazon.

Momax 10,000 mAh QC 20W Power Bank with Wireless Charging

The large-capacity power bank by Momax fast-charges the iPad to full with a single USB-C cable.

Featuring a compact yet stylish design, the high-capacity power bank is also compatible with Qi charging so an iPhone can also be topped-up. The indicator lights make it easy to tell the charge level of the power bank, while both USB-C and Lightning ports promise full compatibility with a bevy of Apple devices.

It also comes with a low-power charge mode so certain accessories like AirPods can be charged without interrupting charging for the iPad.

The MOMAX power bank is available for $34.99 from Amazon with a choice of three colors.