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iPad mini 7 probably won't get ProMotion, says display analyst

Apple's current iPad mini

New rumors that the next iPad mini will have a ProMotion display are wrong says an analyst, because it would require significant hardware changes.

Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, has poured cold water on iPad mini rumors before, such as those claiming the x would use mini LED. Now, in response to a question about ProMotion on the next model, Young says it's impractical.

The term a-Si means amorphous silicon, which has limitations compared to Oxide LCDs. In order to get the ProMotion features, the iPad mini would have to shift to oxide LCD technology like what's used in the iPad Pro. Oxide LCD tech allows for smaller transistors to provide the same current, which means both a higher resolution and a refresh rate-switching display.

Consequently, swapping out the a-Si screen for an oxide LCD one would entail more production effort than simply replacing one panel with another.

Apple released the iPad mini 6 in 2021. There have as yet been no rumors about a seventh generation coming any sooner than 2023.