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Apple offers first-ever public software beta for HomePod mini

Add your HomePod mini to the public beta program

For the first time, users interested in testing the HomePod software beta can now do so through the public Apple Beta Software Program.

Apple has offered pre-release HomePod software for beta testers before, but it was limited to an invite-only developer program called AppleSeed. Now, anyone can apply to test the software via Apple's public Beta Software Program.

HomePod Software Version 16 has been included with the public betas for iOS 16, macOS Ventura, and the rest. It is only available for the HomePod mini, meaning AppleSeed testers are the only ones with access to pre-release software for Apple's original HomePod.

It isn't clear what new features are available for testing in the HomePod Software Version 16 beta, but users can provide feedback using Apple's Feedback Assistant app. Apple also asks users to enable data analytics sharing for HomePod by navigating to Settings > General > Privacy > Share Apple TV Analytics.

To enroll a HomePod mini in the beta program, use the Home app. Open the Home Settings menu and select "Software Update." Then choose which devices you'd like to get beta software updates.

Enabling betas may lead to issues running apps or software on the HomePod, so only do so at your own risk. The HomePod doesn't have critical user data like a Mac or iPhone, but some beta bugs could render the smart speaker unusable.