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Jellyfish, Shaking Face, Pink Heart are new emoji coming to iOS 16 at some point

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The annual release of new emojis is not due until September, but 31 proposed ones have been revealed ahead of World Emoji Day on July 17.

Emojis can be useful, they can be intriguing, but they are also popular. Every year, the Unicode Consortium considers proposals for new emoji and, if approved, they are then adopted by Apple and others.

Version 15 of the Unicode Consortium's list of emoji is expected to be unveiled in September. Not only is the group's deliberation not finished yet, but there is still time before the July 31, 2022, deadline to propose new additions.

Nonetheless, a site called the Emojipedia has published what it says is every emoji in the consortium's final draft. In theory, it isn't guaranteed that any will become official emojis, but in practice it is rare for one to be rejected after this stage.

According to Emojipedia, the new emoji will include a Pink Heart. "This has been one of the most discussed absences on the emoji keyboard for many years," says the site, pointing out that there are also proposals for gray and light blue hearts.

Once the Unicode Consortium publishes its actual final list, technology firms will adopt the new emoji. It may not be immediate, though, as companies wait to include the new emojis when they next update their software.

So for instance, while Apple did add 123 new emoji after they were approved, they didn't appear on iPhones until iOS 15.4 in March 2022.