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Apple has best Q2 smartphone market share in 10 years

New research claims that even as global smartphone shipments have fallen, Apple's iPhone second quarter market share was its best since 2012.

Apple reported record-breaking earnings for what is the third quarter in its fiscal year. That legally-mandated report, however, has no detail comparing the company to others and this is what new research from Strategy Analytics has concentrated on.

During this same period — referred to as Q2 by Strategy Analytics — Apple reportedly came second in global market share with 16%. That equates to 48 million iPhones, compared to Samsung's 22% share, or 63 million phones.

"This is the highest second quarter market share for Apple over the past ten years," said Woody Oh, Strategy Analytics director, "at the expense of leading Chinese brands who are hampered by the sluggish performance in both home and overseas market."

"Apple had a good quarter," continued Oh, "led by iPhone 13 series which continued to ramp up volumes in US, China and other key markets."

Strategy Analytics claims that overall the quarter saw a decline of 7% YoY, with total Q2 2022 sales over 291 million smartphones. The company puts this down to COVID and economic conditions affecting purchases of non-essential items, and says the decline will continue.

Source: Strategy Analytics

"We forecast global smartphone shipments to contract -7% to -8% YoY in full-year 2022," said Senior Director Linda Sui. "Geopolitical issues, economy downturn, price inflation, exchange rate volatility, and Covid disruption will continue to weigh on the smartphone market during the second half of 2022."

"All these headwinds would continue through the first half of next year, before the situation eases in the second half of 2023," continued Sui. "Samsung and Apple would continue to outperform and remain top two places."