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Apple TV gift card offer extended in US, spread internationally

Users in many countries can now get an Apple gift card with purchases of the Apple TV 4K, and the offer has been extended in the US, too.

Apple took down the online Apple Store in very many territories overnight on July 31, 2022 and into August 1, 2022. Now that the Store is back online, it appears that the only visible update is an expansion and extension of the previously US-only Apple TV 4K gift card offer.

Buyers of up to two Apple TV 4K units in the UK, Australia and more countries, will receive an Apple Gift Card worth the equivalent of $50 with each purchase.

Even though the US Apple Store previously had the same Apple TV 4K promotion, its online store was taken down overnight too. That is because the US offer has now been extended from its original July 14, 2022 end date, to August 15, 2022.

Curiously, even though the Australian Apple Store seemingly stayed up, users in that country can now get the same gift card deal.

The international Apple TV 4K gift card promotion appears to chiefly work in the same way as the original US one. There are of course currency differences, but also some small variation in deadlines.

Typically the offer expires in most countries on the same August 15, 2022 date as in the US. Australian users, though, have until August 16, 2022.