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iPhone 14 Pro, Pro Max continue to be high in demand

Delivery times for the iPhone 14 have reduced over times from one week ago, analysts claim, with iPhone 14 Pro models continuing have high demand compared to the iPhone 13 Pro range.

In its third week of the Apple Product Availability Tracker, JP Morgan claims iPhone demand continues to be elevated for the Pro models, but the non-Pro iPhone 14 versions are apparently still weaker than the iPhone 13 and mini.

The note seen by AppleInsider states that pickup without a preorder is available for all models, except for the yet-to-ship iPhone 14 Plus. For global at-home delivery, the iPhone 14 is tracked at an unchanged 3 days, the Pro is down from 35 days to 31 days, and the Pro Max goes from 41 days to 39 days, as seen in the second week.

Relative to the iPhone 13, the lead times are shorter for the iPhone 14, but extended for the Pro Max, indicating a consumer preference for the premium models.

On a regional basis, the iPhone 14 is stable at 5 days in the United States while the Pro and Pro Max are moderated down to 31 days and 38 days, respectively. However, while the iPhone 14 and Pro are available for same-day pickup, the Pro Max is not.

In China, the Pro model lead times have moderated towards the global average, at 32 days for the Pro, 39 days for the Pro Max. The iPhone 14's dead time is 4 days, longer than the week-ago one-day measurement, and it is available for same-day pickup while the Pro models aren't.

In Europe, the Pro models see lead times tick up a bit in Germany, but moderating slightly Iin the UK. Again, the iPhone 14 is available for same-day in-store pickup, but the Pro and Pro Max are not.

For week 3 of the Wearables Tracker, the Apple Watch Ultra continues to have high demand with a 30-day lead time, against 37 days last week. The Apple Watch Series 8 saw a moderation down from 25 days to 19 days, and the Apple Watch SE saw its lead time grow from 6 days to 8 days.

It is thought that this demonstrates the consumer interest in the Ultra model "is sustained" and that demand "remains robust."

For the second-generation AirPods Pro, lead times are spanning 1 to 4 days, "suggesting supply-demand is more balanced" compared to a week ago.