How to lock in a gamertag for Netflix Games on iOS 16

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Netflix Games now lets iOS users to create a gamertag that they can use across an expanding mobile games catalog. Here's how to do it.

Netflix launched game subscriptions on Android in November 2021, and later released its games on iOS as separate titles in the App Store. Now it's introduced game handles which work cross-platform.

"Today, we're rolling out the ability to create game handles for a more personalized gameplay experience," wrote Sophia Yang, Product Manager of Mobile Games at Netflix, in a blog.

"With game handles, members will be able to create a unique public username that can be used across all Netflix games," said Yang. "In multiplayer games like Rival Pirates, an adventure game where you set sail, fire cannonballs and strive to be the last boat afloat or within leaderboards in games like Dominoes Cafe and Lucky Luna, game handles help players discover, make friends and play with each other."

Setting up gamertags is built in to the Android Netflix app. It requires more steps on iOS.

How to set up a gamertag for Netflix Games in iOS 16

  1. Open the Netflix iOS app
  2. Then go to the App Store
  3. Download either Rival Pirates or Lucky Luna
  4. Follow the prompts in the game to create a handle

"This feature is only the beginning in building a tailored game experience for our members around the world," continued Yang. As it grows in popularity, common names will be taken, and so-called "name squatters" could be a problem.