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iPhone 14 Plus fends off damage better than iPhone 14 Pro Max

Image Credit: Allstate Protection Plans

Drop tests from a device insurer on iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max are clear as to which device takes the most damage from falls.

The test was conducted by using DropBot, a robot designed to help determine the breakability of a device after a single-impact drop from six feet high.

The devices were dropped without cases onto a sidewalk, face down and back down, and side down onto paved outdoor stairs. Despite Ceramic Shield front and back panels, both phones suffered significant damage upon being dropped.

In the face-down drop onto a sidewalk, the iPhone 14 Plus shattered along one side and significant loose glass fragments made the phone difficult to handle.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max was damaged even more, with larger bullseye cracks along one side and through a corner.

When dropped back-down onto a sidewalk, the iPhone 14 Plus received damage to its camera housing as well as bullseye cracks along one side.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max suffered "catastrophic damage," according to Allstate Protection Plans. The glass back completely shattered with much of the glass falling free from the device entirely. Additionally, the camera housing experienced significant damage.

When dropped on its side onto a set of paved stairs, the iPhone 14 Plus received minimal damage — only a few scuffs to the corners.

However, the iPhone 14 Pro Max did not fare as well. The back panel cracked, the corners were scuffed, the buttons were dented, and the camera housing was damaged.

Allstate Protection Plans notes that each device still functioned normally despite the damage.

The tests revealed that the iPhone 14 Pro Max is every bit as breakable as the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro.

It also highlighted that the aluminum housing of the iPhone 14 Plus seemingly fended off damage better than the stainless steel housing of the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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