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Tim Cook slowly waves checkered flag at US Grand Prix

Tim Cook waving the checkered flag at the U.S. Grand Prix.

Apple CEO Tim Cook made an unexpected appearance at the U.S. Grand Prix on Sunday, waving the checkered flag at the finishing line in an unusually slow manner.

The Formula 1 United States Grand Prix took place on Sunday, held at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. After 56 laps of racing, the checkered flag was waved by none other than Tim Cook.

Cook was one of the famous faces in attendance at the race, which also saw Shaquille O'Neal, Brad Pitt, Serena Williams, and Ed Sheeran at the venue. However, Cook was the one to hold and wave the flag at the end.

The CEO was shown holding and waving the flag on ESPN, wearing a dark polo shirt and sunglasses, however he did quickly become the target of ridicule from online critics. Rather than a fast or enthusiastic waving, Cook is shown to be gingerly and slowly moving the flag from side to side.

Commentary was quickly inbound on Twitter, suggesting that someone tell Cook he's "not surrendering in a war," and declaring "Hey grandpa, calm down." Even ESPN joined in the fun with its social postings.

The race saw Max Verstappen pass Lewis Hamilton to win the race, his 13th for the year, and equalling the record for number of wins in a season.