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iOS 16.2 surfaces relevant Apple News stories in the Weather app

Weather and News

Apple is introducing integration between the Weather and News apps, as noticed in the latest iOS 16.2 beta.

People in cities such as San Francisco will find weather-related news stories and reports, which will likely be available for more regions over time. A link to a story will appear in the Weather app, and tapping it brings the user over to the News app to read it.

It's the latest integration with Apple News, as previously Apple started surfacing relevant stories inside the Stocks app.

Weather stories in the Weather app
Weather stories in the Weather app

Another new feature coming to iOS 16.2 is Freeform, a brand-new whiteboard app from Apple to help teams collaborate on projects and ideas. The update will also improve Crash Detection for the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra, and iPhone 14 lineup.

Finally, the company will add performance improvements for Homekit accessories in iOS 16.2 with a new architecture.