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iPhone 14 Pro lead time shortening, but has much room for improvement

The iPhone 14 Pro Max camera bump

Supplies of the iPhone 14 Pro models have improved and moderated lead times for getting into the hands of customers, JP Morgan's tracker indicates, but lead times will continue to be a focus throughout December.

Apple's ongoing problem at the Zhengzhou Foxconn facility, the biggest producer of the iPhone 14 Pro models, impacted lead times for customers getting their devices. Now, it seems that the supplies of Pro models are coming through, as Apple works to reduce the delay.

In Week 13 of JP Morgan's Apple Product Availability Tracker seen by AppleInsider, global lead times for the Pro models have moderated to 29 days from 35 days one week prior. While lead times are improving, they're still tracking above lead times seen before the Zhengzhou troubles began.

Ongoing challenges to reaching normalized levels could, according to JP Morgan, "limit the degree of recovery" in the December quarter.

For the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, global lead times stayed static at 3 days apiece. Relative to the iPhone 13 series, the base model lead times are in line, but are longer for the Pro versions.

In the U.S., Pro models saw a moderation of a week from 33 days to 25 days, whereas the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus stayed at 4 days. In China, base model iPhones improved from 2 days to 1 day, while Pro models saw a reduction from 43 days to 39 days.

For Europe, German and British delivery times for the iPhone 14 and Plus tracked to 3 days, down from 4 days, and in line with iPhone 13 and mini lead times one year ago. The Pro models, again, moderated by about a week from 32 days to 25 in Germany, 33 days to 27 days in the UK.

The Wearables Tracker indicates supply and demand remains "balanced" globally. The Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Ultra lead times are stable at 8, 8, and 4 days respectively, up from 6, 7, and 4 days one week prior.

Lead times for the Apple Watch SE and Series 8 did tick up in the US, which is believed to be holiday-related demand kicking in.

The AirPods Pro Gen 2 lead times maintained themselves at three days.