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Humixx Car Mount review: iPhone clamp in a MagSafe world

Humixx Car Mount

3.0 / 5

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Humixx's Car Mount is a satisfactory, inexpensive iPhone car mount clamp, with beneficial design features that set it apart from more cheaply made peers.

Out of the box, the Humixx mount comes with four separate parts: the phone holder itself, a suction cup mount, a dashboard pad, and an air vent clip. The phone holder can attach to both the air vent clip and suction mount.

For the installation of the suction mount, the dashboard pad was placed and left to rest for the recommended three days. Then the suction mount was placed on top to be properly anchored.

The air vent clip has a simple knob to adjust the tightness, allowing for most vertical and horizontal car vents to be utilized.

Reliable, practical

A month of routine driving proved the Humixx's short-term reliability. The phone holder itself has a one-touch quick-release button and good balance for both kinds of mounts provided. Clamp arms and adjustable legs allow for most modern phones to be used.

Unlike previous encounters with faulty suction cup mounts, we've found that the usage of the dashboard pad in combination with the mount allowed for much more stability. And, so far, in wild New England temperature swings from night to day and back again, we haven't seen the mount hit the floor yet.

Both mounts have good adjustability. both sharing a ball joint for the holder. A suction mount has a telescoping arm and angle adjustment knob.

MagSafe vs. manual

In comparison to cheaper options, the Humixx Car Mount so far appears to have a greater lifespan and versatility. However, with the increasing availability of MagSafe phone holders for similar prices, iPhone users will get more bang for their buck using other alternatives without having to glue a mount to their dashboard.

That said, there is glue involved. If it's time to move cars, whoever gets the car next will get this nice mounting plate to go with it. Whether or not that's a positive for the next buyer, remains to be seen.

For the regular consumer who needs a reliable manual mount for day-to-day driving, this is a reliable option if you're willing to commit to a clamp-style mount long-term. Nonetheless, MagSafe car mounts have been in the market for years now, making them the clearest choice for Apple ecosystem enthusiasts.

You can purchase the Humixx Car Mount from Amazon for $35.99, or from Humixx directly for $29.99.

But, that pricing is part of the problem for recent iPhone users. If you have a MagSafe-compatible mount, you can one without charging, like this mount, for about that same price.

Humixx Car Mount Pros

  • Very secure
  • Multiple mount options

Humixx Car Mount Cons

  • Long installation time involving glue
  • Same price as MagSafe options

Rating: 3 out of 5