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Apple adds Mac desktops & Studio Display to Self Repair Program

Apple repair program

Apple has recently expanded its self-service repair program to provide parts and tools for Mac desktops, joining wide iPhone support.

The newly-supported Macs include the M1 iMac, M1 Mac mini, and Mac Studio, joining the list of Mac laptops the company added to the program in August.

Apple launched the repair program for customers in April, initially supporting the iPhone. It lets people order genuine replacement parts, access tools needed for repair, and read the Apple Repair Manual.

The company expanded the program to Europe in early December for customers in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. However, Macs are currently only available to repair in the US, according to Six Colors.

Apple launched the program as a way to address concerns from the Right to Repair movement. Advocates aren't entirely on board with the program but say it's a start.