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Cincinnati cop fired for tracking ex with AirTag

A 10-month investigation by the Cincinnati Police Department concluded with the firing of an officer who used Apple's AirTags to stalk a woman.

According to local station Fox19, Cincinnati City Manager Sheryl Long and Police Chief Teresa Theetge decided to terminate Darryl Tyus's employment as a CPD officer. Tyus had been with the department for 15 years when, in April 2022, he planted an AirTag in the victim's car.

"What Darryl Tyus did by knowingly stalking a women, causing her to feel threatened and fear for her life, is the exact behavior our officers are sworn to prevent," said Theetge. "For the Cincinnati Police Department, the community's trust is the foundation of what gives us the authority to perform our daily duties."

"Tyus not only broke that trust, but he broke the law that he took an honorable oath to enforce," she continued.

The victim is believed to be a Hamilton County Sheriff's deputy, and had been in a relationship with Tyus from 2008 to 2022. It's not known whether they broke up before the stalking, or as a consequence of it.

But in April 2022, the woman said she noticed an "unfamiliar beeping sound" when she used her car. This is part of Apple's anti-stalking feature on AirTags, and it led her to find the device "affixed to the floor in the front passenger footwell under the carpet."

Apple's anti-stalking measures also include how holding an iPhone or Android phone next to the AirTag will reveal its serial number. The victim learned from Apple's database that the AirTag was registered to Tyus's phone number.

As well as stalking the victim for some weeks, Tyus allegedly also followed her into a friend's home, where he reportedly damaged that friend's car and motorcycle. Tyus also allegedly made spare keys to the victim's home without her permission or knowledge.

During the investigation, the victim showed police messages from Tyus that she said she interpreted as being a threat that he would damage her professionally if she complained.

"Please speak lightly with your words[...] as if I can't [****] your life up either," said one message. "If you wish to pass out threats that's cool[...] you're truly unsure what I'm capable of if you wish to place our place of employment on the line."

Tyus was arrested on June 17, 2022, and arraigned in Hamilton County Municipal Court on June 27. He was confined to desk duties during the investigation.

It's not the first time that a serving police officer has stalked using an AirTag.