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New HomePod parts are 'decently replaceable' says YouTuber

HomePod 2 teardown

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Apple recently revived the full-sized HomePod, and a YouTuber has taken it apart to find that it is more repairable than the original HomePod was.

The HomePod returned on January 18, nearly two years after it discontinued its original model. The second-generation HomePod keeps the same size and form factor but offers improved audio and better Siri integration.

YouTuber Brandon Geekabit uploaded a teardown of the new HomePod, identifying the woofer, tweeters, temperature sensor, touch panel, and others. Most of the changes are on the inside of the device, while a couple of outside changes include a removable power cord and an inset touch panel.

The video shows that the panel on the bottom is easy to pry off, and special screwdriver tips are needed to get past the initial T6 screws. Throughout disassembly, Torx drivers for T3 and T5 screws as found in most electronics repair kits are also required.

After taking off two layers of mesh fabric covering the HomePod and removing more screws on the bottom, Brandon could open the speaker. He discovered a few changes in the new device, though these were known prior to the teardown.

The 2023 iteration of the HomePod has five rather than seven tweeters, and there are now only four rather than six far-field Siri microphones. The new model also has new sensors for temperature and humidity for smart home ecosystems.

The full video is worth watching, and Brandon notes that parts are "decently replaceable." Apple doesn't sell official parts for the HomePod, unlike the iPhone.