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Apple TV owners can accept iCloud terms without an iPhone or iPad

The 2022 Apple TV 4K

Apple has shared details on how Apple TV owners can accept iCloud terms and conditions without needing a secondary Apple device.

When Apple recently updated tvOS, a subset of Apple TV owners — specifically those without an iPhone or iPad — had a troubling problem. Without an auxiliary Apple device, they could not accept the iCloud terms and conditions. And, if they couldn't accept the terms and conditions, they would be unable to use some of Apple TV's features.

Now, Apple has provided a new support document, spotted by MacRumors, that walks users through the process of accepting the terms and conditions via

The fix requires users to sign into iCloud with the Apple ID associated with the Apple TV, follow the prompts, and review and agree to the terms and conditions.

The workaround was likely created in response to Chris Koch's viral tweet, which has been viewed nearly a million times.

Until recently, Apple TV owners could use the device without needing an iPhone or iPad. While most Apple TV owners likely own an iPhone or iPad, the change affected enough customers that Apple had to implement a workaround.