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Nomad Electric Blue Apple Watch Strap review: A limited edition color that pops

Nomad's new Electric Blue Sport Strap

Nomad Electric Blue Sport Strap

4.0 / 5

Nomad has just released its latest limited colorway for its popular Sport Strap for Apple Watch. We take a look at the new eye-catching Electric Blue band with our Apple Watch Ultra.

Expect more limited edition colors. That's what Nomad is saying with the launch of the Electric Blue Sport Strap that is available for all 42/44/45mm Apple Watches and the 49mm Apple Watch Ultra.

This follows the launch, and a subsequent sellout, of its High Volta yellow strap earlier this year. High Volta quickly became unavailable, and Nomad is following it with another bright color.

Nomad's new Electric Blue Sport Strap in its box
Nomad's new Electric Blue Sport Strap in its box

Electric Blue is much showier than the dark Marine Blue band Nomad sells, but not quite as blinding as we expected from the name. It's akin to a slightly pale sky blue and will probably appeal to more users than something brighter.

Nomad's new Electric Blue Sport Strap on Apple Watch Ultra
Charging Apple Watch Ultra with Nomad's new Electric Blue Sport Strap

The band is as wide as Apple's Sport Band but has a more of a rubber-like feel to it. The bottom has horizontal channels, unlike Apple's, that allows some airflow and prevent it from sticking to your wrist during a workout.

Nomad uses custom metal hardware on its bands. The end can tuck away securely, and a dark grey metal pin locks it in place. It's easy to take off but holds well during activities.

We've never had a Nomad Sport Strap come off accidentally, whether working out or enjoying some water activities like skiing.

Our only gripe is that all of Nomad's Sport Straps are tedious to put on our Apple Watch Ultra. Apple made enough of a change in the body that the band seemingly doesn't want to slide on perfectly on the first try.

Nomad told us it helps to insert the band halfway and then press down on the lug's center pin before sliding it fully on. In our tests, this helps tremendously.

Showing off Nomad's new Electric Blue Sport Strap
Showing off Nomad's new Electric Blue Sport Strap

No matter your use case, Nomad's Sport Straps have been one of our favorites, with a comfortable fit and now an ever-rotating assortment of colors. They don't come cheap, though, priced $10 above Apple's own Sport Bands.

If you find yourself tickled enough by the new Electric Blue, you needn't hesitate to pick it up.

Nomad Electric Blue Sport Strap - Pros

  • Vivid new colorway
  • Comfortable wear
  • Easy use
  • Durable materials
  • Breathable for workouts
  • Water resistant

Nomad Electric Blue Sport Strap - Cons

  • Limited time availability
  • Only larger size available
  • Finicky attaching to Apple Watch Ultra

Rating: 4 out of 5

Where to buy

Pick up the new limited edition Electric Blue Sport Strap from Nomad for $59.95 while they are available.