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Apple releases iOS 16.4.1 update with Siri response fix

iOS 16.4.1 is now available

Apple has made iOS 16.4.1 available to users shortly after the iOS 16.4 release to fix two very specific bugs.

The company updated the iPhone to iOS 16.4 on March 27, as well as releasing new software versions for its other products. It added new emojis, rich link support for Mastodon links in iMessage, and new actions in Shortcuts.

But some Apple users quickly ran into some problems with the update. Specifically, some people were having issues with Siri responsiveness. That, and a bug with an emoji was fixed.

A report on April 4 mentioned that Apple would release iOS 16.4.1 soon and now users can install the new version. It's available in Settings > General > Software Update.

The new build numbers is 20E252.