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Apple might fix WeatherKit & Wi-Fi issues soon with iOS 16.4.1

Apple might release iOS 16.4.1

Apple might soon release an emergency iOS 16.4.1 update to fix issues with WeatherKit and Wi-Fi passwords.

Some iPhone users have recently noticed problems with the Weather app in iOS. People worldwide have experienced a blank screen in the app saying there is no available data, though Apple's system status page only mentions Alaska.

According to Apple, the issues began at 11:00 pm Eastern on Monday. On Tuesday, a rumor has surfaced about a new software update.

Citing an unknown source with a "proven track record," MacRumors believes that Apple is planning to release iOS 16.4.1 either this week or next. A couple of Twitter users also mentioned problems with Wi-Fi passwords in iOS 16.4.

Separately, some Mac users have reported network connection problems with macOS Ventura 13.3. As a result, users who connected to Apple devices over an SMB connection or from Apple to Windows were suddenly unable to do so.

It's not unusual for Apple to release minor updates like iOS 16.4.1 to address security vulnerabilities or significant problems with the software. People can find and install updates by going to Settings > General > Software Update.