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Pixelmator Photo gets renamed Photomator, adds AI features

Previously known as Pixelmator Photo, the new Photomator 2.3 for iPad and iPhone has been released with automatic subject, sky, and background selection, plus gradient masks, and more.

Alongside the new update to iPad image editor Photomator, developer Pixelmator has announced a promise that Photomator for Mac is coming in May. That promise is part of a roadmap for Photomator which includes plans for more AI-powered photo editing such as repair tool improvements, clone tools, and batch editing.

Ahead of the roadmap, the new Photomator 2.3 for iPad and iPhone adds selective adjustments, meaning that there is fast AI-powered selecting of foreground, background, or sky in shot.

"Selective adjustments feature is a game-changer for users who want to edit specific parts of a photo while leaving the rest untouched," Simonas Bastys, lead developer at the Pixelmator Team, said. "And to make selective editing particularly quick and easy, we're introducing AI-powered automatic subject, sky, and background selections, together with some other amazing masking features."

Photomator's Machine Learning tools analyze images and perform recommended adjustments

Describing the feature as state-of-the-art Machine Learning, the developer says these selective adjustment features mean the app quickly and "intelligently recognizes the subject, background, and sky of any photo." It means that "users can make selections with just a single tap and jump right into photo editing."

Photomator 2.3 in the App Store is a subscription app that costs $5.49 per month, $29.99 per year, or comes with a one-off lifetime purchase price of $99.99.

The newly-named Photomator is the developer's app that is chiefly aimed at photo editing, currently on the iPad and iPhone. It's the firm's closest iPad equivalent to its longstanding Pixelmator Pro for Mac.