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Apple has moved 7% of all iPhone production to India, well ahead of schedule

Mumbai, India

Apple is reportedly ahead of schedule in its plans to move iPhone production to facilities in India, tripling its manufacturing there since 2021.

As part of its moves to reduce reliance on China, Apple has already been reported to be ultimately aiming at making 25% of all iPhones in India. At this stage, however, Spring 2023 was expected to see it achieve 5%, and that has reportedly been exceeded.

According to Bloomberg, Apple now makes almost 7% of its iPhones in the country. That's over $7 billion worth of iPhones in the last fiscal year.

It's also an increase over Bloomberg's previous estimate of 6.5 million iPhones for the period.

Apple uses a series of partners in India, including Foxconn and Pegatron. Unspecified sources in a manufacturer told Bloomberg, that firms have been adding assembly lines at a rapid pace over the past year.

Separately, Apple and Foxconn have been lobbying India's government for labor reform that would mean factories could run two shifts, and so operate 24 hours a day.