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Dubious leak claims watchOS 10 interface change includes folders

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A sketchy rumor suggests that watchOS 10 will have a new homescreen layout, with the refresh allegedly including folders for sorting apps.

Rumors have already circulated about watchOS 10 being a major update, with big changes to the user interface expected to happen. On Tuesday, one leaker attempted to offer details of what Apple could change in the Apple Watch operating system at WWDC 2023.

In tweets, "@analyst941" claims there will be a "redesigned homescreen layout/grid" for 2023, with the UI supposedly going to "much easier to use" and act similarly to iOS.

Part of this will be the use of folders, which is most likely to allow users to sort out the apps to make it easier to navigate the menu system. The leaker isn't sure if the folders will be used as a third option, alongside the grid and list, or if it will replace grid as the default, but it will be "reminiscent of folders from iOS 4-6."

The leaker claims that "heavy details" are on the way "soon."

Other reports in April from Mark Gurman have already put forward the notion of there being a big watchOS 10 update. Specific details from Bloomberg have yet to surface, though.

While plausible, the leaker doesn't have much of a track record to go on, so a large grain of salt is suggested. Furthermore, Mark Gurman tweeted that many details posted by the account are "not true," casting more doubt on the story.