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Tim Cook meets with India's Prime Minister, as tour continues

Tim Cook (left) meets Prime Minister Narendra Modi (source: Apple)

Apple CEO Tim Cook has spent the day between Indian store openings by visiting with developers, artists, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Cook and Prime Minister Modi have met many times before, but as expected, this visit comes as Apple opens its first two Apple Stores in India.

Apple does not release the details of Tim Cook's schedule in advance, but the man himself has been regularly posting updates online. Every two to three hours, he tweets from some new part of India, where he has been since racing from California's Coachella Festival to Mumbai on Monday.

Following Monday's meeting with Indian celebrities, Cook then attended the opening of Apple BKC where he was greeted by crowds. After that, he played badminton with local champions.

Cook next went to visit the developers behind Kiddopia, a learning app for children aged 2-7.

It's not clear how soon Cook or his staff post after each visit. But it appears that it was early on Wednesday morning, local time, when Cook visited a school that Apple supports.

Following that, Tim Cook visited Mumbai-based singer/songwriter Mali, who later described him as "a gem of a human being."

From there, he visited the Indian School of Design & Innovation, which is situated around two miles away from Mumbai's new Apple BKC.

A couple of hours later, Cook was in New Delhi where he started off meeting the staff of the St+art India Foundation in the Lodhi Art District.

Then it was on to the National Crafts Museum in central Delhi, around seven miles from where the new Apple Saket will open on April 20, 2023.

At time of writing, Cook's travels have culminated in a formal visit with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

It's not known when Cook is due to return to the US, but he is of course expected to be at the opening of Apple Saket.