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Apple reveals its New Delhi store before Thursday's grand opening

Getting Apple Saket ready for opening

Ahead of its official opening, Apple has given a peek inside the new Apple Saket store in India's capital city, revealing white oak tables and a feature wall made in the country.

Just as it did for Apple BKC, Apple has shown off the interior of its new store a day before its opening to the public. These two stores are significant because together they are the first Apple Stores in India.

The very first to open, Apple BKC, saw crowds of people travelling across India to see it. With Tim Cook expected to visit India's Prime Minister on Wednesday, it's probable that he and Deirdre O'Brien, Apple's senior vice president of Retail, will attend the opening of Apple Saket.

Interior of the new Apple Saket
Interior of the new Apple Saket

"We're thrilled to bring the best of Apple to our customers in Delhi with the opening of our second store in India, Apple Saket," said O'Brien. "Our incredible team members look forward to connecting with the local community and helping them find new ways to pursue their passions and unleash their creativity through our amazing products and services."

Apple says that the store "welcomes customers through a uniquely designed curved storefront with white oak tables... [and] a feature wall manufactured in India." Apple Saket has over 70 staff who come from "combined 18 states in India and collectively speak more than 15 languages."

The store features wood panelling, and a dedicated Pickup spot
The store features wood panelling, and a dedicated Pickup spot

Apple Saket opens at 10 a.m. IST on Thursday, April 20, 2023.