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Nomad silver titanium band review: Perfect for Apple Watch Ultra

Nomad titanium band on Apple Watch Ultra

Nomad silver titanium band

4.5 / 5

Nomad's silver titanium band has been hard to come by as its sleek design and material choice make it an ideal companion for the still-new Apple Watch Ultra.

As crazy as it is, Apple doesn't offer many tailor-made bands for Apple Watch Ultra. Three bands were launched alongside the watch — the Trail Loop, Alpine Loop, and Ocean Strap — but that's it.

Don't get us wrong, other bands still work. Any 42mm, 44mm, and 45mm bands will work with the Apple Watch Ultra, but as the newest addition to the lineup, dedicated bands are scarce.

Nomad has been working eagerly on dedicated Apple Watch Ultra bands, such as its Ultra Orange sport band.

Nomad's link removal tool
Nomad's link removal tool

Surprisingly, it was a band they released years ago that was a near-perfect match. The titanium link band from Nomad was launched to complement the titanium Apple Watch Series 6. With the Series 8, the titanium model was discontinued as the Apple Watch Ultra was announced.

The Apple Watch Ultra was a whole new model of Apple Watch with a rugged design and a lightweight titanium body. The companion bands from Apple all featured titanium hardware in the lugs, buckle, and other components.

When the Apple Watch Ultra was revealed, Nomad saw its titanium link band quickly sell out. Not even Apple offers a titanium metal band to pair with the Ultra, but Nomad — even if inadvertently — did.

Revisiting the basics

We already took a look at the black version of the Nomad titanium band back in 2019, but never with the Apple Watch Ultra.

The band holds up years later with its entirely custom design. The links are squared-off with a slight bevel on each one.

Metal bands from Sandmarc (left), Nomad (center), and Apple
Metal bands from Sandmarc (left), Nomad (center), and Apple (right)

We compared them to two other metal bands available in 2023. We looked at the Apple stainless steel link — the original one — and the new Sandmarc titanium link.

Apple's still excels, with the ability to remove links with just a button press. The steel does show marks, though, as any stainless steel band will.

We also love Apple's incredibly thin clasp that fits perfectly flush to your wrist.

Sandmarc has a good-looking band, but it has a lot of play between the links that lacks some of the finesse of the other two.

Metal bands from Sandmarc (left), Nomad (center), and Apple (right)
Metal band clasp designs from Sandmarc (left), Nomad (center), and Apple (right)

The clasp on Sandmarc's band is quite commonplace and tends to dig into our wrists. However, between the lot, Nomad hits a sweet spot with an amazing design, titanium build, and thin clasp.

Speaking of the clasp, Nomad did something special with theirs. The clasp is magnetic, pulling itself quickly together as the two ends get near one another.

Nomad's magnetic clasp
Nomad's custom magnetic clasp

It feels magical when you put the band on, and it snaps closed. It is as thin as Apple's and has an easy-release mechanism when you remove it.

Once more, compared to Apple's, Nomad's band is a two-piece design, while Apple's is a single piece. That makes it easier to put on and off and increases compatibility with chargers.

Almost made for Apple Watch Ultra

This band looks great with Apple Watch Ultra. The color, texture, and design all work well together.

Wearing the Nomad titanium band
Wearing the Nomad titanium band

Our biggest gripe is that as Apple Watch Ultra changed the shape just a bit, it does cause compatibility with some bands. Also, putting on Nomad's band can be tedious as it is sometimes very tight, if not perfectly straight.

We've gotten better at putting the band on and taking it off, but it is annoying enough to be worth mentioning. It still fits, it just can be snug.

Should you buy Nomad's titanium band?

This band is sleek. Made from Grade 2 titanium with its scratch-resistant exterior, it looks fantastic.

Your options are also limited, with only one viable titanium alternative that doesn't quite live up to what Nomad has crafted.

Not even Apple can compare with Nomad's titanium band.

The Nomad titanium band fits Apple Watch Ultra perfectly
The Nomad titanium band fits Apple Watch Ultra perfectly

It is an expensive investment, though. At a $300 price point, it is slightly cheaper than Apple's, but still a significant sum.


  • Sleek, custom design
  • Magnetic, flush-fit clasp
  • Link removal tool included
  • Titanium body that matches Apple Watch Ultra


  • Snug fit when attaching
  • Expensive

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Where to buy

Nomad's titanium band has been consistently out of stock. It is now on backorder, with the next batch shipping in June. You can put your order in now for $300.

It will fit Apple Watch Ultra, 42mm, 44mm, and 45mm models of Apple Watch.