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Apple tells developers to 'Code new worlds' in WWDC email

Apple has sent an email to developers giving them a one-week warning that WWDC 2023 is happening, as well as a not-so-subtle nudge about its long-rumored MR headset.

In an email sent to developers on Tuesday titled "One week until WWDC23," Apple offers yet another reminder that a major event in the Apple developer calendar is happening soon.

Just like it did for the Apple Event page earlier on Tuesday, the email largely informs the reader about WWDC23's dates, that the keynote is happening on June 5, and offering a link to add the event to their calendar.

Above the main text is the Apple logo for the event, which is a stylized bubble-like graphic just like its in-motion and AR Easter egg counterparts.

Cryptically, the email includes the tagline for the event, "Code new worlds." This could be taken metaphorically, in enabling developers to make a new "world" in their app.

It can also be read more literally, as most of the rumors about WWDC23 has been about the headset that is allegedly on the way. In that sense, and given Apple should be providing SDKs and other assistance to help developers produce apps for the headset, Apple could be telling developers to make new virtual worlds.

The Apple VR headset is expected to be a standalone piece of kit, complete with a tethered battery. Using a chip that may be similar to the M1 processors used in Apple Silicon Macs, the headset is expected to offer a high-resolution image, potentially using 8K displays.

Using cameras, eye tracking, and hand tracking, the headset may provide an experience that doesn't necessarily require controllers.

It is thought that the headset could run "xrOS" as its operating system, which App Store Connect seemingly knows about.

While Apple is expected to introduce apps that are made specifically for the headset, including many of its own creation, it will apparently be relatively painless for developers to convert their own apps to work with it.

When it eventually becomes available to purchase, the headset could end up costing up to $3,000.