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Iffy rumor claims Apple's VR headset will be available in six colors, each with two storage options

Apple VR headset render

A leaker with no track record with Apple products claims that there will be 12 different color and storage variants of the upcoming VR headset — but that is incredibly unlikely at launch.

In a very brief report regarding the upcoming headset, French site dealabs says Apple's upcoming headset will launch with a total of six color variations. Interestingly, the publication says it's only aware of five of those six colors, saying it'll launch in "black, blue, grey, green and pink," with the sixth color a mystery.

That's not all, though, as the rumor also says Apple will launch the VR headset with 128GB and 256GB storage capacities.

Most of this is pretty sketchy, even with the expected debut of the headset right around the corner. For starters, the leaker, "Billbil-kun," has no track record with Apple at all, focusing primarily on video game leaks.

On top of that, going down this particular path for Apple wouldn't make a lot of sense for a product that's expected to be pretty niche, with only about 100,000 units assembled before the end of 2023. It seems improbable that would be divided into 12 different models.

It is possible Apple will offer up a range of colors of the headband, though, depending on design. Considering the device, being able to change the headband is just about the only way to customize it and offer up official accessories that some people might consider buying.

Still, take this particular rumor with a grain of salt. Just like those leaked benchmarks for the upcoming headset, which are likely a total fabrication.