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Apple starts selling 'Ted Lasso' merch, but only at Apple Park

Ted Lasso [Apple TV+]

Merchandise for the Apple TV+ show "Ted Lasso" has gone on sale from Apple directly, but only from the Apple Park Visitor Center and not other Apple Stores.

In May, it was rumored that Apple was to start to sell goods based on the hugely popular "Ted Lasso" via its online Apple Store. While it hasn't appeared in the digital storefront yet, items have surfaced in a very limited fashion.

Visitors to the Apple Park Visitor Center, including one AppleInsider writer, were surprised by a table covered with "Ted Lasso" merchandise. The shirts and other items based on the team within the show were unexpectedly available to be checked out by customers.

However, while the appearance bodes well for further availability of the items in other Apple sales channels, that may not be for a while.

In a Sunday tweet, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reiterated that Apple planned to start selling the merch at the Apple Park Visitor Center store. At the same time, Gurman claims other stores "have been told to destroy promotional material for the merchandise launch."

A follow-up tweet added that Apple "delayed or cancelled it everywhere but one location," referring to the Apple Park collection.

While the promotional material destruction may not bode well for general availability, the appearance at Apple Park could still mean the plan to sell the "Ted Lasso" merch on a wider scale may go ahead at some point.