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Apple stock price hits record high in anticipation of WWDC headset launch

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In the last hours before WWDC's opening keynote presentation, shares in Apple got a boost from early trading to hit an all-time record high.

Shares and market valuation of Apple dipped throughout 2022 and early 2023, from its high of $3 trillion in 2021. The decline is believed to have been because of supply constraints for the iPhone 14 Pro, among other devices.

Now according to Reuters, Apple remains below $3 trillion, but in early hours trading, it rose to a record high for the first time around January 2022.

Apple shares were up 1.2% to reach $183.25. While the current rise is attributable to WWDC expectations, though, the stock has generally been recovering throughout 2023.

Where Standard & Poor's benchmark figure has risen 11.5% over the course of 2023 so far, Apple's shares have risen almost 40%.

Last-minute plausible leaks show have listed expected specifications for Apple's headset. The device itself will be announced during the company's opening keynote presentation.