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Mark Zuckerberg says the Vision Pro doesn't present 'any breakthroughs'

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg says that Apple's newly announced Apple Vision Pro does not offer the future of computing he wants.

Days before the Vision Pro mixed-reality headset was announced, Meta chose to tease the Meta Quest 3 to steal back some of the spotlight from Apple.

Now, Zuckerberg is telling employees that Apple didn't bring anything to the table that his company hadn't "already explored."

"I think that their announcement really showcases the difference in the values and the vision that our companies bring to this in a way that I think is really important," Zuckerberg told employees in a meeting on Thursday, according to The Verge.

He claimed that the Apple Vision Pro debuted as a device that showcased "a person sitting on the couch by themself."

"I mean, that could be the vision of the future of computing, but like, it's not the one that I want," he added.

He maintains that, in contrast, the Quest is a device that helps people interact in new ways and get active. While he maintains that the Quest offers a better "future of computing," he has shown concern over Apple's sway over the virtual reality space — at least at one point.

In October, he suggested that Apple's "closed ecosystem" and any virtual- or augmented-reality device it released could handicap Meta in the marketplace, financially and otherwise.

On Monday, Apple announced Vision Pro, a mixed-reality headset that marks Apple's official entrance into the AR/VR market. The device will cost $3,499 at launch, and will not be shipping until 2024.