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Apple will upgrade iPhone 15 Ultra Wideband chip for Vision Pro integration, says Kuo

Apple Vision Pro with mockup of iPhone 15 Pro

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that Apple will "aggressively upgrade" its iPhone hardware to better integrate with the new Apple Vision Pro.

It's only to be expected that Apple sees its Vision Pro as part of the company's ecosystem of devices and services, but analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims to know the specifics of Apple's hardware plans.

Speaking of both the 2023 and 2024 iPhone releases, Kuo says that "Apple will aggressively upgrade hardware specifications to build a more competitive ecosystem for Vision Pro."

"iPhone 15 will likely see an [sic] specification upgrade of UWB," writes Kuo, "with the production process moving from 16nm to more advanced 7nm, allowing for improved performance or reduced power consumption for nearby Interactions."

"iPhone 16 will likely upgrade to Wi-Fi 7," he continues, "which will be more conducive to Apple's integration of hardware products running on the same local network and provide a better ecosystem experience."

Wi-Fi 7 has been claimed to run almost as fast as Thunderbolt 3, but so far Apple has seemingly shunned the technology.