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If Apple Vision Pro wasn't expensive enough, a customizer has one for 10x more

For the Apple Vision Pro buyer who has, if not everything, at least $40,000 going spare

If you were disappointed that Apple Vision Pro costs only $3,500 and have money burning a hole in your pocket, a customizer has a $40,000 treat for you with gold trim and a leather head mount.

Someone is going to buy this. The Caviar company is hoping that 24 people will, for that's how many it plans to make of the Caviar Apple Vision Pro in a limited edition.

"Drawing inspiration from the finest fashion accessories, such as Tom Ford's flip-up glasses and Gucci ski masks, [Caviar] has transformed the Apple Vision Pro into a pinnacle of both technology and style," says the firm in a press release. "This visionary device not only offers advanced features but also stands as a work of art, seamlessly blending into your personal space."

It's an Apple Vision Pro. Except anywhere that looked even a bit silver in Apple's demos, is now full-on gold. And the back head strap isn't just leather now, it's "Connolly leather, renowned for its delicate yet durable nature."

"This legendary leather, supplied to the British Royal Court and Rolls-Royce, guarantees an indulgent experience for the device's owner," says Caviar.

The company is also keen to emphasise that with its help Vision Pro is even more privacy-minded than ever. And that's specifically about what people around the wearer see, once they've finished forming an opinion about someone wearing $40,000 worth of gold on their faces.

"While the public's reaction to displaying the owner's eyes on the external display has been mixed, Caviar has introduced an innovative solution," continues the firm. "With the Caviar version, users can now have complete control over their privacy, allowing them to decide when to reveal themselves."

It's a flip-up cover. Imagine a welder's protective helmet with a visor that pulls down, and you've more or less got it.

All of this "utmost attention to detail," and "unparalleled comfort and luxury," can't come cheap. To be fully accurate though, it's not $40,000, it's really only a far more reasonable $39,900.

It's a bit more subtle than a welder's visor, but it's the same idea
It's a bit more subtle than a welder's visor, but it's the same idea

Before you rush to order a few for yourself and your family, though, know that you're going to have to wait until the fall of 2024. That's months after Apple releases the Vision Pro — probably.

Also, there are concerns about the weight of Apple's device, and it's not like gold is going to help there. "More than 1,5 kilograms of 18K gold is needed to decorate the accessory!" continues Caviar.