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New 15-inch MacBook Air sales are half the figure Apple expected

15-inch MacBook Air

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The new 15-inch MacBook Air has been widely praised, but one new report claims that sales of it are so low that manufacturing is being cut.

It was rumored and awaited, then the 15-inch MacBook Air was launched, and got universally good reviews. AppleInsider even called it the "sweet spot for portability and power."

However, according to Digitimes — and only Digitimes — sources in the supply chain claim that sales have been as much as 50% below predictions.

Digitimes further claims that as a consequence of this production is to be scaled back, but it's not clear whether this has begun or is still being considered. The publication says that unspecified resellers, and possibly Apple itself, are calling for production of the 15-inch MacBook Air to cease.

Note that Digitimes has a strong track record for its supply chain sources, but a significantly poorer one for the conclusions it draws about Apple's plans.

The chief selling point of the 15-inch MacBook Air is its screen, which is larger than in previous models. Prior to this device, users would have to buy a much more costly MacBook Pro in order to get a larger screen.

If Digitimes is correct, then there's a curious parallel between the MacBook Air and the iPhone 14 range. Both featured a new standard model that featured a larger screen, for instance.

Then while it remains far from certain that Digitimes is right, a flop 15-inch MacBook Air would mirror the reportedly unpopular iPhone 14 Plus.