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Dubious leaker claims AirTag 2 will launch in 2025

Apple's original AirTags

A leaker with one of the worst records for outright lies has chimed in on reports of an AirTag update, making what could be a sensible case for them coming later than predicted.

It was analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who first mentioned an AirTag 2 update, but it wasn't as part of his typical survey of the supply chain. Instead, in June 2022, he made the reasonable but unsubstantiated prediction that if AirTag were a hit, Apple would develop it further.

Then on Wednesday, since the AirTag most definitely is a success, Kuo repeated his prediction. While he again has not claimed that he is basing this particular report on anything from his supply chain sources, he more specifically said that Apple will introduce AirTag 2 in 2024.

Now LeaksApplePro claims that multiple sources are telling him or her that "2024 estimates are a bit early," and instead AirTag 2 could come in 2025.

Beyond saying 2025 and crouching it behind the word "could," LeaksApplePro offers only that AirTag 2 could feature what is described as "3D Precision Finding." There is no more detail than that, and from the description it sounds the same as Kuo's prediction of AirTags 2 integrating with Apple Vision Pro.

Note that the leaker in question was wrong about everything they said about the iPhone 14 in the summer, had an October of claiming that the Mac Pro was launching in November, and claimed in January that the MacBook Pro was coming in March one day before Apple debuted it with a press release.

That said, this rumor is rated as unlikely. While the second generation of AirTag could arrive a bit later, the source doesn't have reliable accuracy, so we defer to Ming-Chi Kuo for now.