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Apple issues watchOS 9.6.1 update

Apple Watch

Apple has rolled out an update to watchOS 9.6.1, which is now available to the general public.

The build number for watchOS 9.6.1 is 20U80, replacing the earlier build of 20U73, which was issued on July 24, 2023.

Current update releases are mainly focused on improving performance and fixing bugs. This is because Apple is prioritizing the development of its major operating system releases scheduled to launch in the upcoming fall season.

However, in this case Apple has given a specific reason for the release of watchOS 9.6.1.

"This update fixes an issue," says the company, "that prevents apps using the Motion Disorder API from accessing motion data to track tremors and symptoms associated with Parkinson's disease."

How to update to the latest watchOS release

The Apple Watch will generally update on its own within one to two days based on the user's preferences. However, if someone wishes to install the update sooner, they can do it manually.

To manually update, open the Apple Watch app on the iPhone, tap My Watch, select General, then Software Update. If it is available, tap Download and Install.

Your Apple Watch will then update while on charge and within range of the linked iPhone.