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iPhone 15 could get braided & color-matched USB-C cables

USB-C cables rumored to work with the iPhone 15 [X/@KosutamiSan]

A pair of leakers claim photographs of braided USB-C cables show what to expect from Apple's iPhone 15 launch, with multiple cable color options expected to be on the way.

On Saturday, serial leaker @MajinBuOfficial posted to X, formerly known as Twitter, photographs of bunches of USB-C cables. The cables all appeared to be constructed the same way, but with three different colors on show.

The leaker said the shots are "supposed to be the iPhone 15 USB-C cable." However, they admitted that the images were found "online" and they can't be sure of how genuine the shots are as they "can't trace the resource."

What is depicted in the photographs are cables with a braided exterior, a silicone sheathe, and the actual USB-C connector itself. There are three colors shown, with a pink cable and gray cable sporting a white connector, while a black version uses a black connector.

A later post on Monday by another leaker, @KosutamiSan, showed a box full of similar-looking cables. Kosutami makes the outright claim that they are an "iPhone 15 Pro USB-C Cable DVT Sample."

A close-up of the cables makes it seem like they are the same sort of accessories shown in the earlier leaked images. However, only the black variant is shown in the shots.

According to Kosutami, the cables are "full black including connectors inside" and have black "strain relief" plastic tubes. This is apparently a departure from the existing USB-C woven cable supplied by Apple, aside from the Mac Pro version.

A follow-up tweet also specifies the connector has a "polished glass shell," not the "scrubbed surface" used for the Mac Pro version.

The shots fit in to existing rumors that Apple will be replacing the Lightning port with USB-C connections on it, with one recent example including shots of a USB-C connector on iPhone hardware.