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iPhone 15 Pro models could cost at least $100 more

iPhone 15 Pro Max render

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Yet more rumors claim the iPhone 15 Pro will become more expensive than the iPhone 14 Pro line, with a potential price hike of up to $200 expected.

The Pro models of iPhone are on the premium end of the scale within the generation, but for 2023, they could be more costly to consumers. The price rise rumors are also prompting concern from industry observers, warning of a possible decline in shipments.

The report published Tuesday by DigiTimes forecasts the price of the iPhone 15 Pro at $1,099 at a minimum, a cost that's $100 more than its iPhone 14 Pro counterpart. Likewise, the iPhone 15 Pro Max may end up costing $1,299, $100 more than the iPhone 14 Pro Max at $1,199.

This is all based on a $100 price rise, but a $200 increase is also a possibility.

There have been numerous murmurs of a price rise for the Pro lineup for a while, with mentions of a $100 or $200 price rise surfacing earlier in 2023.

A price rise could have a negative impact on the sales of the premium models, with the report estimating shipments of new Pro models in 2023 reducing down from an initial forecast of 83 million units to 77 million units.

For Apple, fewer sales of premium models may not necessarily be a bad thing, especially if it can earn more profit per device. However, it's a difficult path to take, as it doesn't want to increase the price so much that it erodes sales and earns less overall.