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New iPhone 15 charging cable rumored to be a bit longer than before

Image Credit: KosutamiSan on X

A new leak suggests that not only is the cable that will ship with iPhone 15 braided, but it may be longer as well.

The iPhone 15 has been all but confirmed to be the first of Apple's smartphone lineup to switch to USB-C, rather than its proprietary Lightning port. Now, a leaker suggests that Apple will include a 1.5 meter — nearly 5 feet long — woven USB-C to USB-C cable in the iPhone 15 box.

The leak was shared by KosutamiSan on X, who recently reported that the iPhone 15 would get braided & color-matched USB-C cables.

The post included an image of a longer, woven cable. KosutamiSan also stated that Apple would need to redesign the interior packaging to accommodate the new accessory.

It's unclear why Apple would provide a 1.5-meter long cable over its standard 1-meter (3.2 foot). The additional length and materials would have significant weight and volume to each iPhone shipped, likely increasing shipping costs.

There have been rumors that Apple may switch to using USB-C for its speed and interoperability benefits, as well as to comply with international laws. These updates, however, could come at a cost, as reports suggest Apple plans to increase the price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max.