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Samsung's Apple Studio Display competitor is now available in the US

Samsung ViewFinity S9

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Samsung has released its ViewFinity S9 5K monitor in the United States, giving Mac users a serious contender to the Apple Studio Display.

The ViewFinity S9 has been out in South Korea since early July, but after a bit of a wait, customers in the United States are finally able to buy the display.

The 27-inch 5K-resolution ViewFinity S9 has a pixel density of 218 pixels per inch. It also covers 99% of the DCI-P3 color gamut, making it a highly color-accurate display for creatives.

A unique feature is the Samsung Smart Calibration app for iOS, which allows anyone with an iPhone 11 or later to further calibrate the display. The matte display reduces light reflections, while Intelligent Eye Care optimizes the brightness and eliminates screen flickering.

Connectivity-wise, it hooks up using DisplayPort, with it also able to connect to a host Mac using Thunderbolt 4. A trio of USB-C connections are also provided for connecting other devices.

A 4K SlimFit Camera is also included for video conferencing, one that is also higher-specification than the one used in the Studio Display.

Samsung includes embedded smart TV apps, providing access to streaming content when the monitor isn't actively being used with a Mac. There is also AirPlay support, for sharing the screen from an iPhone or another Apple device.

The Samsung ViewFinity S9 is available from Amazon for $1,599.

While this is practically the same cost as the Apple Studio Display, Samsung includes a height-adjustable stand as standard with its monitor. To get the same functionality for the Studio Display, you have to pay extra, bringing the total price to $1,999.