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Apple supplies third visionOS developer beta

Apple Vision Pro

Apple has introduced its third beta for visionOS, refining the operating system for the Apple Vision Pro headset as it continues its march for an early 2024 release.

The third beta for visionOS can be downloaded by developers to their Mac, which serves as the development platform for Apple Vision Pro apps. In the vast majority of instances, the beta will only be used on a Mac and not the headset itself, since Apple tightly controls the release of developer kits.

Developers are able to use the updated visionOS within Xcode, as the updates tend to include changes to the visionOS simulator.

The release is the third developer beta for the headset's operating system. The second beta was issued on July 25.

The third beta is build number 21N5233f, replacing the second beta, build number 21N5207f.

While AppleInsider will usually suggest that users avoid installing beta operating systems or other beta software onto primary or "mission critical" devices due to the small chance of data loss, there's little fear of that happening here. Owners of Apple's loaner hardware will probably want to install the latest betas as soon as they become available.

More may well become available soon to developers as time moves on, with Apple keen to ensure there's software available for the headset and for a smooth launch. While not all developers will have access to the headset, many will be able to try it out via Apple Vision Pro labs.