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In what has become tradition, Google has leaked the Pixel 8 Pro

"A person takes a call on a Pixel 8 Pro phone in Porcelain," says Google's helpful alt text

Someone at Google either had a bad day or is just following tradition, as yet again an unannounced Pixel phone has been leaked by Google itself.

It's an inadvertent tradition that goes back through the Pixel 3a XL and even to 2016 when resellers revealed the original Pixel ahead of schedule.

This latest "leak," as spotted by The Verge, first shows an image of a man using the as-yet-unreleased Pixel 8 Pro. The phone in the image matches various leaks about the device, including a new glass oval covering the rear cameras.

However, since it's just about conceivable that the photo might somehow not be sufficient by itself, Google doubled down with its alt text describing the image.

"A person takes a call on a Pixel 8 Pro phone in Porcelain," it says.

The image and this text were spotted on a Google web page promoting the company's subscriptions and services. At time of writing, however, Google appears to have taken the image down.

That means unless it makes the same mistake yet again, the next time the Pixel 8 Pro will be seen is at its launch event on October 4, 2023.

In the meantime, Apple will be launching its new iPhone 15 range on September 12.