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New study finds Mac most secure & cost competitive in enterprise workplaces

Mac in the workplace

A new study by Cisco compares Mac and PC usage in enterprise environments, focusing on security, cost, preference, and productivity — and finds that Mac still holds up surprisingly well.

Cisco recently conducted an extensive study examining the impact of Mac versus PC in hybrid work environments. This study, based on an analysis of internal company data encompassing over 130,000 employees across 99 countries, provides insights into the potential advantages of Mac within enterprise settings.

There are some differences in cyber security between Mac and PC users. According to data from Cisco Secure Endpoint detection, Mac users tend to have lower rates of viruses and other cyber threats. Biometric security is also more commonly used among Mac users, with approximately 89% utilizing this technology compared to 29% of PC users.

Additionally, the upgrade process for macOS Ventura appears to be faster than that of Windows 11, which may make Macs a better choice for those who prioritize staying up-to-date with the latest technology.

Regarding cost, the study challenges the notion that Macs are inherently more expensive. According to Cisco's data, Macs were cost-competitive with PCs over three years, depending on the hardware model.

And, as it has been before, the Mac upfront price can be a deterrent to adopters. However, Cisco assesses that Mac is between $148 and $395 less expensive over three years.

The study also highlights employee choice and efficiency. It reveals that 60% of Cisco's workforce currently uses Mac devices, and when given the choice during device refresh cycles, a significant number of PC users — 24% — opt to switch to Mac. This indicates a growing preference for Apple products, providing employees with more platform options.

In terms of productivity and user satisfaction, the study suggests potential benefits associated with Mac use. It reports a reduced need for IT administrators to support staff using Macs and higher satisfaction levels among Mac and iPhone users regarding IT support.

Cisco IT has developed a built Total Cost Ownership (TCO) Calculator used to analyze key components of the program from a cost standpoint. The calculator is now available to all.