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Philips Hue adds Matter support to existing bridges

Hue Guide Lights

The delayed addition of Matter to the Philips Hue range of smart home products is reportedly now live in an update available to the company's bridge devices.

Matter is intended to become a kind of superset of smart home devices, with previously incompatible offerings from Apple, Google, and more, now all working together. Through each manufacturer supporting Matter, it should become possible to mix and match devices previously intended exclusively for HomeKit, or Alexa, and so on.

In 2022, Hue's parent company Signify committed to adding Matter support, but it was then delayed from its promised March 2023 debut. Then in August 2023, Hue again committed to the standard, and said that its support would go live in September.

Now according to the German tech site Hueblog, that support is live. Reportedly, the update is rolling out worldwide.

Hueblog says that the release comes with an update to the iOS Hue app. Where it previously had a setting for Voice Control, there is now a "Smart Home" option which includes all the Matter-related settings.

Philips Hue is best known for its range of smart light bulbs. However, more recently it also expanded into producing security cameras.