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Outstanding deals from B&H Photo include $1,900 off MacBook Pro kits and more

Up to $1,900 in savings on Apple.

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B&H Photo continues to offer some of the largest discounts across the web on Apple products, which save consumers upwards of $1,900 this week.

Take home a MacBook Pro, like the 16-inch model with the M1 Max chip, for only $3,398. Or, if an iPad is more your speed, the 12.9-inch model that could replace most computers is also on sale for $100 off retail price.

$1,900 off MacBook Pro with AppleCare

The 16-inch MacBook Pro often carries the most robust hardware possible, and this week, B&H Photo is offering an M1 Max model for $1,900 off retail price. The new price of $3,398 includes a fully loaded MacBook Pro and AppleCare+ for extra protection.

For that price, buyers receive the 16-inch MacBook Pro with M1 Max chip, 64GB of Unified RAM, and 4TB of SSD storage. The only drawback to this deal is that you must buy it in Silver, as the Space Gray version costs $300 more.

MacBook Pro kit with everything you need for $3,698.75

Also on sale for an astounding $1,900 off is the MacBook Pro kit loaded with everything you need to revamp your workspace. It comes with the same great 16-inch MacBook Pro we mentioned earlier but also includes quite a few accessories to pull the deal together.

Included in the kit are an Apple Magic Mouse in black, a USB-C dock, a USB charging block, a padded laptop bag, a 1-year Microsoft 365 Personal subscription, and a 3-year AppleCare plan. Take home this comprehensive kit in either Silver or Space Gray for $3,698.75.

The latest iPad Pro 12.9-inch with $100 in savings

Sometimes, even the portability of a laptop isn't enough, and reverting to our phones with smaller screens can be demanding on the eyes. For that scenario, an iPad Pro is the perfect bridge, being thinner and lighter than a laptop, yet much bigger than an iPhone.

And one could argue that the iPad Pro can replace most laptops, especially the 12.9-inch model that B&H Photo has on sale. This M2 iPad comes with 256GB of storage in a Wi-Fi-only package in Space Gray for $1,099.

Get Apple's M2 MacBook Pro 14-inch for only $1,749

The M2 chip continues Apple's journey into proprietary processor technology and graces the 14-inch MacBook Pro, now on sale for only $1,749. And it's not just the standard M2 chip found in the 13-inch or iPad models.

Instead, this MacBook Pro features the M2 Pro chip, 16GB of Unified Memory, and 512GB of SSD storage. This hardware gives the MacBook Pro the boost it needs to handle tasks like filmmaking, photo editing, or music production. Shop the lowest prices on every model.

$200 in savings on the latest M2 MacBook Air

In June, Apple released its newest MacBook Air, a 15-inch laptop that consumers have begged for for years. While already incredibly popular, B&H Photo took the opportunity to reduce the retail price by $200 in instant savings, allowing even more people to take advantage of the latest model.

The internal components make this laptop popular, with Apple's M2 chip, 8GB of Unified Memory, and 256GB of SSD storage. Pick one up in any color for only $1,099 and experience how the SoC makes a difference over other laptops. Check out our roundup of the best MacBook Air deals.

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