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Apple drops all human support on X

Apple Support app

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Users are no longer able to receive live help from the Apple support account on X, and instead will be redirected to other platforms.

Those who direct message the @AppleSupport account on X, formerly Twitter, will now receive an automated reply directing them to the Get Support page on Apple's website. They will also be given links to the Apple Support app for both the iPhone and iPad.

The change was spotted by MacRumors, who notes that the account continues to share helpful tips and tricks for Apple users.

The official @AppleSupport account was launched in 2016 and was primarily used to provide tips for Apple products and address customers directly. The account earned an award from Twitter that same year thanks to its high level of engagement.

However, it was learned in August that Apple planned to eliminate social media support roles across platforms like X and YouTube. As previously reported, the end of support on Twitter came on October 1, 2023, but it does not appear to be related to issues over Apple's controversial choice to stay on X/Twitter.

The app, Apple's official support website, and phone line will be the only official support venues in the future.

According to reports, more than 150 workers are said to be affected by this change. However, Apple is offering to help them switch to phone support positions. A source has claimed that employees cannot move to other chat-based support jobs unless medically necessary.