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Tim Cook makes $41.5 million in his first Apple stock sale since 2021

Tim Cook

Two years after he last sold any of his shares in Apple, CEO Tim Cook has chosen a time when APPL is lower than usual, to sell off around half a million shares.

Back in 2021, Cook received five million shares in Apple as part of the deal he received when starting as CEO yet years before. At that point, he sold off all of those shares, earning approximately $355 million.

According to Reuters, he's now received a comparatively modest $41.5 million from the sale of 511,000 shares. Before taxes, the sale price was around $87.8 million.

Reportedly, Cook still owns approximately 3.3 million shares, which are worth $585 million.

It's not unusual for Apple executives to sell shares, but notably Cook was one of the few to not sell any in 2022.