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Apple TV+ takes us back to Mars with 'For All Mankind'

For All Mankind (Source: Apple)

Apple TV+ has released a trailer for the forthcoming fourth season of hit drama "For All Mankind," which premiers on November 10.

One of the earliest Apple TV+ commissions, "For All Mankind" has presented an alternative view of the 1960s space race and steadily extrapolated a whole new world. For this fourth season, the action is back in Happy Valley, Mars.

Following a teaser trailer in September 2023, the new extended look at the season details the conflicts on Mars and Earth.

"Rocketing into the new millennium in the eight years since Season 3," says Apple, "Happy Valley has rapidly expanded its footprint on Mars by turning former foes into partners."

"Now 2003, the focus of the space program has turned to the capture and mining of extremely valuable, mineral-rich asteroids that could change the future of both Earth and Mars," it continues. "But simmering tensions between the residents of the now-sprawling international base threaten to undo everything they are working towards."

Created by Ronald D. Moore, the new season debuts on Friday, November 10, 2023. The ten-episode season then continues weekly until January 12, 2024.