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Apple Vision Pro labs coming to New York City and Sydney in November

Apple Vision Pro

Apple has expanded its Apple Vision Pro developer labs to two more cities, New York City and Sydney, beginning in November.

Developers that can't get access to developer kits can still get hands-on time with Apple Vision Pro labs. However, developers complained at the lack of availability of labs, especially since there was only one held in the United States on the west coast.

That has been rectified on Tuesday with an announcement from Apple. Apple Vision Pro developer labs are coming to New York City and Sydney on November 6.

Developers can apply to attend Apple Vision Pro labs to get helpful insight into creating apps for spatial computing. Some developers have evangelized the labs on behalf of Apple, praising their usefulness for getting in the right headspace for developing on the platform.

Apple Vision Pro is a new platform and won't be available to purchase until early 2024. Until then, developers have to contend with building apps for the platform using a visionOS simulator on the Mac.

However, since visionOS is a 3D platform controlled by eye tracking and gestures, it is difficult for developers to get a good idea of how their app will function without hardware. Developer kits are difficult to get and require quite the NDA and security measures, so the easiest path to accessing Apple Vision Pro is through the labs.

Apple offers Apple Vision Pro labs in a total of eight cities: Cupertino, New York City, London, Munich, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, and Sydney. Those interested in attending can submit a lab request.

Apple Vision Pro launches in early 2024 for $3,499.